The QNG phase 1 features supportive mini-nodes (SMN) on selected blockchains either on POW or POS (includng zero protocol algorithms) as master-nodes mining. The Newly introduced ISOTOPE NETWORK token is a side chain token that is required to facilitate the setting up and maintenance of the several supportive ñodes.


Max. Supply: 50,000,000 ISN
Private Sale: 12,000,000 ISN (moderated)
Vault Supply: 23,000,000 ISN (5 years)
ISN-LC Supply: 15,000,000 ISN (Reserved)
Note: Dev supply is an inclusive 8 Million (Locked for 5years).

The Isotope Network will be building multiple MasterNodes (MN) on some selected blockchain Ledgers to power the goals of the QNG project on supported hubs

✅ QNG will distribute ISN tokens to Quantum Cash holders with minimum 500 QCASH balance and above in ratio 100:15 from their balances on main-net.
This means 500 QCASH = 75 ISN. (Snapshot TBA)
✅ 7.5 Isotope Network (ISN) will also be distributed to $WAVES $ WCT holders with minimum 5 WAVES, 10 WCT on wavesplatform
(After Private Sale)
✅ Isotope Network (ISN) will have a moderated Private sale at $0.075/ISN (TBA) with 10% bonuses
✅ Moderated (intermitted) AIRDROP


Technical Specifications
Name: Kalkulus (KLKS)

Block Time: 60 seconds

MN Rewards: 20%

Total Supply: 20,000,000 KLKS

Collateral: 20,000 KLKS

Exchanges: CrytoBridge, Mercatox, Crex 24, txbit

SMN STATUS: After Presale (Q1-Q3, 2019)

VESTING PERIOD: 60 DAYS after MN setup


Technical Specifications
Name: LogisCoin (LGS)
Algorithm: X11/POS
Block reward: 1 – 9 LGS
MN Collateral: 1000 LGS
MN Reward/ Age : 80 – 90% / 60 seconds
Total supply: 21 000 000 LGS
Premine: 197 000 LGS (~0.97%)
Exchanges: Markets: Cryptopia, Coinexchange, CryptoBridge. ESCODEX, Sistemkoin
SMN STATUS: After Presale (Q1-Q3, 2019)
QNG CURATION: 60 DAYS after MN setup


Technical Specifications
Block Time/ Age :120 seconds / 24 Hr
Block Age 720 blocks/day-First
Max Supply:294,336,000 PDX
Premined: 11,773,440 PDX
Block Reward: 280
MN collateral: 20,000 PDX
SMN STATUS: After Presale (Q1-Q3, 2019)
VESTING PERIOD: 60 DAYS after MN setup


Technical Specifications
 Name: Market Arbitrage Coin (MARC)
Algorithm: Quark/POS
PREMINE: 200,000 (~0.95%)
POS AGE: 120 min
MN RATE: 90%
Exchanges: CryptoBridge, Crex24
SMN STATUS: After Presale (Q1-Q3, 2019)
QNG CURATION: 90 DAYS after MN setup

Let’s Do Something Better Together!

SMN-PRS coming soon….

Avg. Clients Wallets




Circulation Percent

Current Circulating Supply

ISN Locked Supply (till 2024)

Available Supply

Isotope Network Max. Supply

What is a Masternode?

A masternode is a Crypto Currency full-node WALLET that keeps the copy of a Blockchain in real-time while securing it parent Blockchain and earning fees… There are a number of other things a masternode can do. And it is not limited to the Dash wallet. It can be effected on the WAVES, PIVX, TN, CRAVE, NEUTRON, ZCOIN etc.

Why do QNG wants to build Masternodes?

The QNG concept of masternodes, is to creatively monetize blockchain and cryptocurrencies with the goal of giving value to their community. Anyone who joins the community & possess Quantum Node tokens, becomes a FELLOW QUANTUM.

What is PRS?

Prior to the Launch of phase 1 Masternode on Wavesplatform. The QNG plans to run an alternative portfolio reward system (PRS) for 8 months, starting from November 2018 to June 2019. The PRS is our alternative earning system that suffices for the absence of our masternode. Which is to be setup in 6-7 Month time, Until node is ready.

Who is a Passive or a Portfolio earner ?

Anyone who possesses Quantum Node token (Qnode) is a passive earner & can get passive income. Passive income is generally defined as a stream of income earned with little or no effort, needed from the individual receiving the added value in order to grow their stream of income.

While, Portfolio earner is the one that earns portfolio income. This is derived from investments (which includes capital gains, interest, dividends, &/or royalties. QNG PRS is only reserved for portfolio earners, because of their eligibility and supports to project. Anyone can decide to be a portfolio earner.

How is QNG funding Sourced, Since it Non-Ico?

The PRS is designed to be initially funded by the QNG -TEAM and would later depend on the masternodes to execute earnings to community. But, QNG sources their funds from a number of means, but not limited to the following: Leasing of Waves to already running Nodes on the wavesplatform ( e.g WAVESDESK, WAVESGO, WAVESWORLD, H20X etc), self-dropping account for about 10% of funds, contest and trading to maintain our consistency with payout. These are alternatives until node is setup.

How do QNG intend to fund masternode?

The Setting up of our masternode is not automatic and immediate as stated in our timeline. QNG supply has been structured to raise the required funds to build her masternodes through the leasing of Waves to already existing Nodes on the wavesplatform (WAVESDESK, WAVESGO, WAVESWORLD, H20X etc).

We also generate funds from Selfdrop, Reward/Volume Contest, Partners sponsorship and other concurrent  exchange trading.  We also call for community support in any form of participation like donations.

Our Decentralized Locations

We are Found in the Philippines, Nigeria,
Uganda & Indonesia, (QMC) Currently.
write Us: support@qngnode.com