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KYC portal will close by 9th 12pm CET

Hi Community.., We thank those who have participated in the ongoing KYC.. Over 500 users have performed KYC out of over 2800 who participated in the Airdrop Redress. KYC portal will close by 9th 12pm CET.. If you dont do the required KYC along with your referals using...

Turtle Network End User Awareness

Quantum (lead DEV), I just scored 76% on Turtle Network End User Awareness Certification! Please lease more TN to isotopemn TN-NODE We pay 100% fees Once every month (15th of every month) find all details here: https://www.blackturtle.eu/2019/01/15/isotopemn/ …...

QNode Payout Report

The QNG has recorded a total PRS payout of 53.9WAVES & 30,300QNODES in Just 3 months to Portfolio eligible wallets. We get stronger as eligible wallets are increasing. PRS continues till June, 2019. It's time you join the moving train Proof of all Payments (link:...


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