Hi Community..,
We thank those who have participated in the ongoing KYC..
Over 500 users have performed KYC out of over 2800 who participated in the Airdrop Redress.

KYC portal will close by 9th 12pm CET..

If you dont do the required KYC along with your referals using your code, it means that Your referal count on bot is invalid

We have started sorting all files and distribution will take the whole of one Week (9th – 16th March). Distribution will be in batches from 9th

🔹 ContractPaper is revised (soon to be released)
🔹 WavesFullNodes coming soon
🔹 IsotopeN-TN Node is Upgraded to v0.16.3 on the turtleNetwork.
**TN node**fees to be replaced with ETH
🔹 Private Sale for Isotope Network (TBA)