The Quantum Node Group [QNG] is a NON-ICO project group that seeks to build a number of Master-Nodes to secure blockchain digital-assets networks while earning fees. And in return we generate passive and portfolio income to our users.

The QNG [Quantum Node Group] are a team of developers and cryptocurrency enthusiasts with a concept to creatively monetize blockchain and cryptocurrencies with the goal of giving value to their community.

As we seeks to secure established blockchain digital assets, by the creation of masternodes within the selected POS (Proof of stake) and POW (proof of work) currencies with true value, QNG will in return benefit our users [community], whom we have classified either as passive income earners or portfolio income earners.

QNG is a completely non-ico project and seek the supports from the crypto communities. Project is in five [5] Sub-phases. Phases begins with WAVES platform token creation and masternode setup, as it will be followed by DASH, PIVX, TN gateway, and more

Our Decentralized Locations

We are Found in the Philippines, Nigeria,
Uganda & Indonesia, (QMC) Currently.
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