Frequently Asked Questions

What is a QCASH?

QCASH (Quantum Cash) is an innovative custom token on the wavesplatform for cryptocurrency trading & QNC mining (POS/MN)

What is a Master-Node?

A master-node is a Crypto Currency full-node WALLET that keeps the copy of a Blockchain in real-time while securing it parent Blockchain and earning fees… There are a number of other things a master-node can do. And it is not limited to the Dash wallet. It can be effected on the WAVES, PIVX, TN, CRAVE, NEUTRON, ZCOIN etc.

How many Assets are available in QNG?

The QNG shall have a maximum of 3 assets (a coin and 2 tokens). The tokens domicile on the wavesplatform and the coin on its native blockchain with the following names (tickers) as: Qnode Coin (QNC), Quantum Cash (QCASH) and Isotope Network (ISN)

What are the Max. supplies of each token?

The QNG assets has the following supplies:
QNC: 412,000,000  |  QCASH: 4,120,000   |   ISN: 50,000,000

How do  QNG intend to achieve monetizing?

QNG seeks to monetize blockchain assets, by securing the selected, established blockchain digital assets network via the creation of masternodes within the selected POS (Proof of stake) and POW (proof of work) currencies with true value (Which are WAVES, DASH, PIVX & TN). This will in return benefit our users [community], whom we have classified either as passive income earners or portfolio income earners.



Decentralized Locations

We are found in the Switzerland, Nigeria,and Indonesia, (QMC) Currently.
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