The QNODE Coin is completely a P2P Decentralized Masternode currency. QNC strives to solve/reach vendors unreached costumers or market in a decentralized business model with the mass adoption of qnc in regions within our reach. QCASH is approximate token on wavesplatform to the QNODE COIN

In the adoption phase and beginning from the QNG malls in Indonesia, QNG also shall open applications to vendors for gateway integrations of qnode coin in Indonesia, Nigeria, Switzerland and other countries of patronage. We hope to target over 150 Malls in every country. QNC adoption policy shall include online and offline malls/stores, where qnc will serve as a payment method.

QNC Vendors' Marketplace

Our Vendors’ Marketplace will open application for gateway integrations in due course. Find out an ample list of businesses soon to be integrated as QNC adoption locations (both online & offline stores).

QMS-Indonesia is soon to be launched after the release of blockchain in Indonesia. The online mobile store is operated by the QMC – team in Madura, to initiate the QNC adoption strategy in the QNG pursuit. QNC and Fiat Only

QMS will serve the following but not limited to these:
# ⃣ Order website & hosting at affordable prices.
# ⃣ QMS also accepts super elegant Website editing services.
# ⃣ Receive the creation of all websites for businesses such as Online Shop, Web-Report pulse servers, E-Commerce & other business sites.
# ⃣ Receive all types of promotions & and sales of Electronic Gadgets to be promoted in our far reaching channels  groups & qms domain.
# ⃣ Verified (Legit) and Latest cryptocurrency Promotions.

QMS-Nigeria is soon to be launched after the release of blockchain. The mobile store is operated by the QNG – team in Nigeria, to initiate QNC adoption strategy in the QNG pursuit. QNC and Fiat Only

QMS, Nigeria will serve both as online and offline wholesale and retail outlet for electronics gadgets and more…
# ⃣ Laptops
# ⃣ Mobile Phones
# ⃣ Other Accessories
# ⃣ Other Services: Graphics & Branding etc


Our decentralized locations are Switzerland, Nigeria,and Indonesia. Be free to write Us: support@qngnode.com